The Rhode Island Red Club of America is run by the usual complement of officers. These include the President, Vice President, Election Commissioner, and nine District Directors throughout the United States and Canada. These officers are elected every two years according to the By-Laws. Each District Director acts as a liaison between the members he represents, and the club. The National Secretary/Treasurer is an appointed position.



Publications and Services




The Red Club Chronicle is a newsletter that is published quarterly. It contains educational material about breeding, exhibiting, and management. The history of the Rhode Island Red is very interesting so old articles are pulled from the archives from time to time. This periodical also keeps everyone up to date on show news and club happenings.

The club manages two Facebook groups. These groups are a great way to keep in touch with other members, post pictures of birds for evaluation, and cheer for our fellow breeder’s successes. Our member’s only page is named, Rhode Island Red Club of America Member’s Only. This page is only open to current members in good standing. The second page, Rhode Island Red Club of America, is open to anyone that has an interest in Rhode Island Reds.




The club sponsors a national meet annually that draws Rhode Island Red breeders from different regions of the country. Every year the national meet moves to a different region of the U.S. The Rhode Island Red Club of America also places State, District, and Special meets within each of the 9 districts.